Kitchen Remodel and Expansion

The existing kitchen was small, outdated and lacked counter space for food prep. My client desired to have a large kitchen island, upgraded appliances and to add a pantry. We literally raised the roof with this one! After demolition, we discovered that structural integrity of the ceiling was compromised so it needed to be rebuilt. We took this opportunity to raise the roof and ceiling height to match the other ceilings in her house. We reoriented the space to make everything more spacious, giving her ample counter space and storage.

Custom cabinets with soft close doors, quartz countertops and brass cabinet pulls made this kitchen bright and cheerful.

The ceramic tile backsplash has a hint of green/grey to pull from the color of the island.

Taking advantage of the tall ceilings we added a second row of upper cabinets, with glass doors to showcase her beautiful glass dish collection.

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